Stephan refinanced my mortgage when other people couldn’t. I have been spending the past couple of years trying to refinance my mortgage with other companies and they weren’t able to help. Stephan did what those other companies couldn’t do and got my loan refinanced. Other companies I worked with eventually gave up, but Stephan didn’t. Stephan kept working until he met my needs. Stephan was very professional and knew what he was doing. Stephan was also very friendly and accessible whenever I had questions or concerns. Stephan did an excellent job and I would highly recommend him.
– G.S.

He got us in our dream home! We were very pleased with Stephan’s excellent customer service. He got us in the perfect home at a way lower interest rate than we expected; not only are we comfortable in the home, but our payment is extremely comfortable as well. He worked with our budget and in depth explained the process every step of the way. We highly recommend Stephan for your home buying process!
– Daniel B.

Most recently he did our home refinance, and it was a fast clean loan. We have been doing business with Stephan for many years on different properties that we have bought or refinanced, and we highly recommend him. Most recently he did our home refinance, and it was a fast clean loan, and more importantly we got an excellent rate. Stephan has many years of experience, and is very straightforward and honest, and that is the one of the many reasons we do business with him, and will keep doing business with him.
– Ruben C.

I refer all my friends and family to him. Mr. Johnson is my go-to guy for all my purchases and refinances every time! I’ve worked with him for over 10 years and he has always delivered! I refer all my friends and family to him. Thank you, Stephan!
– Chris F.

Stephan is very knowledgeable with the home loan process and very helpful. Stephan basically held our hand all the way thru til close, and even after that he followed up to make sure everything was going well and that we were happy. Any time, any day, didn’t matter…weekends, night or holidays, his response was very quick. He followed through all the way, we were extremely satisfied with his services and recommend him highly. One plus point is that he is bilingual in Spanish; my husband was very pleased. The fact that he was able to communicate directly with him for questions specially on a home loan, talking big money. We had a wonderful and reassuring experience. We recommend Stephan highly and in the future if we buy or sell, we would definitely go with him again.
– Roberto T.